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Talent Concept
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Talent Concept

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Only talent is used, only virtue is reused. Outstanding talents are the most important cornerstone of the company's development. Bplus provides a fair, equitable and transparent competitive environment for the growth of talents, so that outstanding talents can revealing itself and make the best of their talents and do their best.

Company’s key criteria for cultivating a talent:

(1) Able to grasp the focus of work:
Strong ability of induction, generalization and summarization, able to summarize and classify complicated affairs, quickly judge whether the classification standards and principles are correct, and find the direction to solve the problem.
(2) Have a strong sense of goal and result orientation:
Have clear goals and strong execution.
(3) Able to quickly discover the laws and forecast results:
In work, it is required to be flexible, learn to make quick judgments, be able to embrace changes, adapt to the development of society and be able to quickly make judgments on the situation with the effective accumulation of knowledge and experience to improve the work efficiency of the entire team.
(4) Have a big layout and overall view:
The pattern refers to the internal layout of a person's vision, mind, courage, long-term thinking and other psychological elements. The overall situation determines a person's level and height. 
(5) Able to break through conventional thinking:
People who can break through the convention have the characteristics of reverse thinking and divergent thinking, love to think and summarize, and will not blindly follow others.
(6) Have the ability to create a communication platform:
The ability to establish communicate mechanisms, channels, and systems, understand your current situation, who you need to inform, find solutions to communication channels, and be familiar with various communication tools.


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