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Patent Protection

Patent Protection

  • Time of issue:2021-04-16 15:11:06
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  B PLUS has now established a fully protected intellectual property scheme around the main products. We have applied for more than 80 patents including many PCT patents, in the composition of amorphous & nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, material manufacturing technology & equipment, heat treatment technology, design and manufacturing of magnetic cores & components, etc., forming an all-sided and effective patent protection group.


A kind of high-entropy amorphous alloy, its preparation method and applications

A molten alloy pouring method with automatic flow rate control An automatically controlled constant-pressure ribbon casting method Iron core for magnetic device and its preparation method
Iron-based amorphous alloy powder for degrading dye waste liquid and its preparation method and application Iron-based nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy material and its preparation method Iron-based sub-nano alloy with good production technology and preparation method thereof Iron-based sub-nano soft magnetic alloy and preparation method thereof
Method for ultrathin ribbon preparation Method for preparing amorphous & nanocrystalline alloy with high permeability Ultrasonic-assisted punching and forming method of amorphous alloy Iron-based amorphous alloy containing sub-nano scale ordered clusters, its preparation method and nanocrystalline alloy derivative





A constant-pressure controlled ribbon casting device A device for preparing fine alloy powder A device for preparing ultra-thin strips A high Bs nanocrystalline magnetic core for current transformers
A molten alloy pouring device with automatic flow rate control A molten alloy pouring device with controllable flow rate A single anti-DC-current magnetic core A wireless-charging power bank with replaceable battery
A wireless-charging power bank An automatically controlled constant-pressure ribbon casting device An iron-based nanocrystalline magnetic powder core Automobile foot pad with electromagnetic shielding function
Heat treatment equipment for nanocrystalline alloy strip Mobile phone shell with electromagnetic shielding function Wide composite electromagnetic shielding material Wide electromagnetic shielding material


Current transform made by injection molding      


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